Hospitality & Tourism

Creating a certain type of atmosphere is perhaps the most vital design aspect in hospitality and tourism projects. Patrons remember a hotel, a bar, or a restaurant not only by the quality of service offered and food served, but the feelings, emotions and moods evoked at the time.

Our experience with the design of short-term accommodation and hospitality venues is extensive. We have had the benefit of working with a wide range of international operators and the experience of delivering all classes and grades of hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants. This has enabled a thorough appreciation of design priorities, space allocations, building fabric affordability and service and equipment installations.

We believe ‘smart’ design approaches benefit our clients. This requires cost controlled planning and a sophisticated design methodology to produce a built environment that exceeds expectations based on cost and provides a competitive product within the market.

Our design teams have a clear understanding of the proposed operational systems and the level of service to be provided. This determines critical space provisions for front-of-house and back-of-house areas as well as for the accommodation components within hotels and motels.

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