Changing community perceptions have led to a re-evaluation of the requirements and amenity of mining accommodation. The need to integrate and enhance regional communities, together with recognition of the value of quality accommodation and amenity in retaining a workforce has led to a renewed focus on the communal requirements of mining accommodation.

MODE has been involved in the design and development of mining villages since our inception and has been at the forefront of this paradigm shift.

Remote and regional areas present specific challenges in terms of climate and weather extremes, accessibility and serviceability and infrastructure availability. MODE understands the issues faced in developing projects in these areas and has developed a philosophy of design for remote areas that focuses on simplifying the construction process to make the most of limited resources, while utilising an often unskilled local labour force.

The use of prefabricated, demountable structures is well entrenched within the industry and offers a quick, cost-effective solution for remote areas.

Further, we are committed to careful master planning resulting in a more cogent environment which is cost-effective during construction and minimises ongoing operational costs.

MODE remains dedicated to developing quality communities and infrastructure for regional areas.