Law & Order

To ensure correctional facilities are successful, detainees should possess greater interpersonal, vocational and/or employment potential skills to eradicate or minimise recidivism. Whilst this outcome is the responsibility of the operator, its achievement is reliant on the provision of a well-designed secure environment.

MODE’s Law & Order┬ásector encompasses court houses, police stations, correctional centres, youth detention/training centres and holding centres for illegal immigrants. MODE pioneered the early Australian BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) scheme correctional centres in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. These projects have a similarity to current PPP (Public-Private Partnership) procurement programs. MODE offers significant experience in working with private and public operators as well as a wide range of correctional philosophies, legislation and regulations.

MODE has developed an expertise in the design and procurement of police stations, control rooms and holding cells. Through our work on secure environments we have developed an understanding of the need for adequate separation of spaces while maintaining high levels of surveillance and safety. These buildings display the public face of law and order and as such need to display a confident and secure appearance with architectural relevance to suit the surrounding built environment.

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