Transport & Infrastructure

The key role that infrastructure plays in maintaining and developing economic capacity has come to the forefront of national strategic thinking in recent years. The development of water, energy, transport and IT infrastructure has become a national priority, while Defence infrastructure continues to be a key element in the development of regional Australia and an important means of developing closer ties with regional neighbours.

MODE has long recognised the importance of strong infrastructure systems in delivering sustainable, productive and livable communities. We have been involved in the development of rail, port and airport facilities throughout Australia and understand the value these projects deliver to the broader development of our cities and regions.

We are also proud of our involvement with the development and upgrading of Defence facilities throughout the country.  The scale and complexity of these projects cannot be underestimated, and the difficulties working with secure and operational facilities are well understood by MODE.

While we recognise the effects and benefits of well-considered outcomes, we acknowledge that there is no single solution to designing successful infrastructure developments. What works in one location, in one market or partnership, does not necessarily work in another. An alignment of vision and understanding through collaboration with all stakeholders and end users is paramount to the design process.

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