Wavell State High School Performing Arts Centre

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Wavell State High School

Wavell SHS Performing Arts Centre consists of a 500 seat auditorium with wraparound music/multimedia teaching and practicing facilities. The building features cutting edge audio visuals and lighting technologies to support the School’s state leading performing arts program. MODE worked with the School since 2013 to craft a unique building and spaces reflecting and expressing the School’s vision and aspirations. Building form features an undulating roof that rises to connect with the adjacent assembly hall creating a grand double height entry foyer. To the south, the building mass steps down towards the oval disguising the height of the auditorium. A key challenge is the proximity to residential areas with the building located less than 10 metres away from adjacent houses. Building functions, elements, services and materials are carefully designed to minimise potential noise and light pollution. A key design element is a free form triangulated perforated sunshade screen in the entry. It evokes imagery of a lowering stage curtain while diffusing and softening the quality of light into the foyer.