Peregian Beach House

Peregian, QLD

Project Detailsopen
It was clear the client wanted a quintessential Queensland beach house that was affordable to build and maintain but would be durable enough for the wavering coastal weather. Cameron Sheedy, Architect
Private Client
Peregian, QLD

Peregian Beach House takes advantage of its unique dual views and uses materials that reflect the laid back lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast.


The design responds to its topography, climate and architectural context in a holistic form. Local climatic conditions were analysed and mitigated through careful placement of screen walls, windows, decks and roofs. All of these were achieved with the use of regionally appropriate, low cost and durable materials which enhanced the home’s sustainability.


The project was constrained to a very limited budget resulting in extensive research into different structural methodologies to find the most efficient systems available.