Oxenham Apartments

Nundah, QLD

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We regard this project as being symbolic of the future. That is, to provide accommodation for people living in rental stress to they can remain in, or return to, the inner city and comprise an integral part of culturally diverse and meaningful community. David Cant, CEO of Brisbane Housing Company
Brisbane Housing Company
Nundah, QLD

The Oxenham Apartments by Brisbane Housing Company makes a practical contribution to South East Queensland urban development objectives which call for the concentration of development around railway stations and transport nodes.


Backing on to a railway line, this development consists of 67 individual apartments brown down into a number of smaller and varied three and five storey clusters.


The mix of units within the development includes studios and one and two bedroom accommodation, determined by research into affordable housing need within the inner and near-city suburbs. The mix is flexible to cater for household growth and change.


The Oxenham Apartments feature wide balconies and extensive screening. The upper level roof structures are independent and lifted above the main structure to provide added shading and air circulation.


There are a number of environmental and energy efficient design features in the development. These features involve the selection of materials, application of architectural elements and the configuration of rooms within the planning process.


The project has been developed to provide cost effectiveness in three dimensions – capital outlay, maintenance costs and life cycle costs.


The cost effectiveness in the initial capital outlay was achieved through the maintenance of floor plan configuration from ground to the top floor. The structural system enabled relatively quick turnaround from floor to floor.


Maintenance has been minimized through the use externally of pre-finished and low maintenance materials where possible.


The vertical structure is core filled blockwork with the horizontal structure being conventionally reinforced concrete slabs. Services in the building are vertically aligned to allow for the potential future provision of passenger lifts and the upgrading of electrical, data and security systems in the future.


The selection and design of surfaces was subject to considerable research to simultaneously impart quality of lifestyle and robustness. Throughout the units, floors have been tiled to facilitate easy cleaning, picture rails have been installed to prevent wall damage and painted surfaces have been used for simple re-painting if necessary.


The Oxenham Apartments are cost effective, but the project provides amenity and opportunity for the tenants to use external and internal spaces in a relaxed and non-threatening manner. While high quality landscaping is used throughout the site, personal garden spaces are also incorporated in the design to allow residents to maintain their own garden.