Nanjing Early Learning Centre

Nanjing, China

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Nanjing International School
Nanjing, China

MODE was approached by the Nanjing International School to submit a proposal for a new Early Learning Centre to better reflect the Emilia Reggio approach that has been embraced by the School. To achieve this, our design gutted the
existing traditional enclosed classroom spaces accessed from a double loaded corridor within the building, and developed an approach that encompassed both internal and external space into the concept. Through the introduction of a series of open, interconnected learning spaces, we were able to develop new circulation pathways through the school, which created new entry points and connected external spaces through the building. The centerpiece of the concept is a new multi-storey pavilion space that connects all learning groups within the School. The pavilion is a multi-use space for performance and social activities, with a tiered amphitheater for seating and group interaction; a flowing gallery
space allowing for numerous scales of display, while small pods provide private spaces that can link directly to larger group spaces.

The learning spaces are accessible from an active street space, which provides a range of interactive spaces for small or large groups. The learning spaces provide a series of spaces for formal and informal activities, individual and group learning, and learning through play, in line with Emilia Reggio principles. The internal spaces are arranged to provide retreat spaces, sensory experience spaces, and hidden spaces to be discovered by the children. Nature Play has also been integrated into the daily learning activities through a wet play area which connects the internal spaces with the external spaces. The external areas have been considered as integral to the education process and include a series of spaces that allow the children to develop their socialisation and motor skills.

The building is intended to be a boutique showpiece of the Schools’ intent for education and life, where children of all ages groups and cultural backgrounds, together with their parents can experience the positive energy and the vibrant active culture of the School.