Long Bay Forensic Hospital

Malabar, NSW

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Law & Order
Department of Corrections
Malabar, NSW

This is the development of two distinct projects, one, a prison hospital and the other, a forensic hospital. These involve two separate sites with a total of nine buildings.

The project offers 135 forensic and 85 prison bed hospital accommodating rehabilitation, medical and surgical patients. The development includes a separate recreation centre, visitors building and administration.

In addition to the work within the secure perimeters, a headquarters building for Justice Health NSW is included in the project. The projects were won in competition with other consortia.

This is a complex project requiring careful balance between security issues and creating a sense of normality for inmate – patients. The projects were delivered through a PPP (Public-Private Partnership).

Long Bay is a benchmark facility for prison hospitals in New South Wales and for the mentally disturbed patients who must be incarcerated for their own and the public’s safety and security.

The project was a joint venture between Codd Stenders (now MODE) and Health Projects International.