High Capacity Metro Trains Maintenance Facility

Pakenham, VIC

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Commercial, Infrastructure & Transport
Bombardier & Laing O'Rourke
Pakenham, VIC

MODE undertook the public private partnership (PPP) bid design of the new High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMT) maintenance facilities in Pakenham East, which included a train maintenance facility and stabling yard, as part of the Bombardier Consortium. The PPP also included a secondary Light Service facility in Calder Park to support the heavy maintenance of trains at Pakenham. Up to 65 new high capacity trains and a depot will be delivered as an ‘availability based’ PPP, providing a dedicated train fleet for the Cranbourne- Pakenham line. The facilities will have the flexibility to cater to the future rolling stock maintenance needs of the network. The trains are planned to be able to carry 1100 passengers, with the ability to be lengthened to carry more than 1600 passengers if needed.