Bullocky Point Education Precinct

Darwin NT

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Architecture, Interior Design
Department of Infrastructure NT
Darwin NT
Bullocky Point Education Precinct close

The Northern Territory School of Distance Education (NTSDE) offers an invaluable flexible distance service, providing secondary education for students in remote regions, support for urban students unable to attend conventional schools and also vocational education to those seeking to achieve recognised qualifications. The focus of their service is utilising technology to deliver education remotely to over 600 individuals and students in the Northern Territory, through the use of online resources such as video and teleconferencing. The school also manages a contact program that allows teachers to visit remote areas, and for remote students to visit the centre for focused workshops.

This purpose-built facility is jointly funded by the Northern Territory Government, with significant input from INPEX, as part of their community support program. Located within the grounds of Darwin High School, it provides a unique opportunity for students of both schools to interact and provides a cutting-edge environment for staff and students to advance their studies.

The building will provide a new public interface for parents and visitors to Darwin High School and NTSDE. Expanded remote education capacity and state-of-the-art technology will assist both students and staff to improve the outcomes in remote and regional schools.

“This world-class facility is a great example of how we can contribute to improved education outcomes now and for generations to come” – Sean Kildare, General Manager of INPEX, Darwin.