Boab Café

South Bank, QLD

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Montague Developments
South Bank, QLD

The Boab Café is located in the vibrant South Bank precinct at the north end of Grey Street. The essence for this project was to demonstrate the value for infilling remnant spaces and re-densifying our city streets and laneways using small interventions that add richness to the urban fabric.

Located in the undercroft on an existing office building, the challenge for this site was to create a usable tenancy space without interrupting the adjacent services. MODE DESIGN proposed to adapt the undercroft into a self-contained kiosk that reflected the idealist notion of people playing amongst the tree canopy. This idea is encapsulated in the symbolism of the Boab tree and the reinterpretation of the Australian vernacular use of steel and timber. Accentuated use of integrated lighting was incorporated to enhance the visual interest of the design concepts.

Configured over two levels, ground for the kiosk and mezzanine for the coffee consumer, the Boab tree structure is sited amidst the tree lined vista of Grey St. The ground floor kiosk has many layers that open and closes for functionality, while allowing the heart of the tree to open to the street – and for business.