ATO Workplace Northbridge

Northbridge, WA

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ATO NorthBridge WA
Office Fitout
ATO/Cushman and Wakefield
Northbridge, WA

Working within the existing architecture MODE worked to seamlessly refurbish the existing interior and insert new facilities for the changing staff requirements due to reduction of floor area from 21,000sqm
to 14,000sqm. The new insertions are intended to follow the existing language of the landmark building, while carefully incorporating current trends and a Perth themed interior style based on West Australian nature. The new spaces were designed to a significantly higher acoustic quality than the existing spaces to ensure staff satisfaction within the spaces.

The impressive fully glazed atrium space allows staff to take advantage of the vast natural light. MODE worked to open up the floor plate making the new interior space a more enjoyable place to work. The selection of materials and design aesthetic is sympathetic to the existing style of building. Internal spaces are deliberately intended to give an impression of collaborative uses rather than individual
working spaces.

The interior design was developed with consultation from ATO staff to deliver a workplace which reflects the strongly held values of integrity, expertise and contemporary service of the ATO.