MODE Innovative Capitalisation on Project Model for Students Use

1 August 2018

MODE was recently commissioned to design a new Learning Centre at Windaroo Valley State High School as part of the Department of Education’s ‘Additional Accommodation Six Full Cohort Program’ for 2020.

The school has turned to Virtual Reality (VR) technology as a teaching tool within their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classrooms where the school’s STEM Team, with assistance from MODE, has produced a walk through animation which showcases a virtual tour of the new school, allowing the students to experience the architecture as if it was already built.

Committed to maintaining the benefits of educational achievements, MODE worked actively towards using the latest in VR technology, believing the built environment has the capacity to enhance all students educational experience.

MODE’s data model, created specifically for the Windaroo Valley State High School project, utilises the Enscape™ and HTC Vive software allowing information to be presented and experienced in a whole new way.

In recent years the growth of VR technology in education facilities has been enormous and given the need for more interactive technology to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages, this will likely grow further.

The end result was in line with MODE’s Innovation Capitalisation™, a pivotal tool developed to consider a project from the outset before any design takes place. It aligns specialist providers, groups, businesses and governments with the sole purpose of creating better communities through unique and innovative design.

MODE Principal Robert McCray said, “Assisting our clients to realise their vision and to deliver educational outcomes to our projects is a fantastic result. Using our model which was used as a student teaching tool within Queensland is something we’re hoping to build on, given the pivotal role these presentations play in showcasing our designs to the client and community, enhancing the learning experience for all”.

The new Learning Centre at Windaroo Valley State High School is due for completion 2020.